Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Highlights of Teaching Vol. 1

Today started as it always does, the kids filtered into the classroom, and I strolled around the room checking their agendas for signatures. One of the little girls in my classroom walked up to me and handed me an acorn. Now it's not an acorn that is shelled with the top on it, but the actual nut. Then she proceeded to say, "Here ya go Ms. Lee, I brought you an acorn! Now you can have an acorn tree in your backyard, if you plant it of course." I thanked her and she hugged me, sat down and began her work. The teacher that I co-teach with had to step out of the classroom for awhile, so I finished going over morning work and then had the students get out their song about Ancient Mali that is sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". So we're singing the song and get to the "five sacks of gold" and of course, I decided to add some flare, so now they drag it out "fiiiiiivvvvvvveeeeeee saaaaaacccccckkkkkkssssss of goooooooooooollllllldddddd." It's the funniest thing ever and they totally rocked it out! I was so proud of them!
One of my students has a broken collar bone so we have to do the majority of his writing and coloring. Today they had to design and color a scarecrow to use as their inspiration for a descriptive paragraph. Since the student I work with primarily wasn't there today, I sat down to help him color his scarecrow. As I'm coloring, I notice a few of the other kids stop and look over at me. Then I hear, "WOW Ms. Lee, you sure can color good!" and another say "she can stay in the lines". I chuckled to myself.
It's amazing some of the things that kids say and do. There is always something said throughout the day that sticks in your head and I am determined to write them down in a book, so if I'm having a rough day I can pull it out and laugh.

So here's to life! :)
Simply N

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  1. seriously, they make your life. the things kids say are amazing. you could not make it up.