Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Days and Holiday Cheer

Good Morning All of my blogger readers,
Can you believe that this time next week we'll be two days away from Christmas!? I know it's crazy to think about. Where has the time gone, seriously, it feels like it was just Thanksgiving last week.
Today marks my second official snow day of my teaching career! I have to say that I am one of those teachers who does the snow dance (to which this year it is very similar to the motorcycle snap from "It's goin' down" and the words "snow, snow" are said). I am two for two thus far this year! My coworkers come up to me and say "have you done the dance today? Because you need to, let's see it!" Snow days for me are like mental health days. I mean, I wake up, get my coffee fixed, lounge in my PJs for the day, do odds and end jobs around my apartment, and enjoy the day. I can hear the chatter of little children outside my apartment making plans for forts and snowball fights. I'm personally hoping that the UPS man shows up with packages today, so I will actually be here to get them. (That is a long and complicated story that I will not blog about because it just gets my blood pressure level go sky high).
I am officially finished with Christmas shopping with the exception of 2 people and that will be finished when I get back to Cat-town. I went ahead and bit the bullet and fought the cold to go to Short Pump on Tuesday night to finish up. It wasn't crowded at all, probably because it was 20 degrees outside and it's not an indoor mall. However, it was perfect. I was able to get in and out of stores, relatively fast with now huge crowds. That's my kind of shopping! (Sorry Linds but I loathe having to shuffle through people to're a better person than me). Dad posted pictures of the scenery around the house. No doubt he probably has a huge fire in the fireplace. (yea, I'm jealous). It's a good thing I have my fireplace DVD to sit with my thermostat cracked up and pretend. If I was at Mom and Dad's right now, Mom and I would probably be baking and Mom Mom and I would be cracking up at life, giggling like little school girls. Ahhh....good times.
I'm so excited about getting to spend time with my family this holiday season, especially my S and J. Oh side note, did I tell you I'm going to be a little sister?! That's right, S popped the question, and she said yes! How exciting is that!?! I'm hoping that we all get in to Cat-town safely and on time.
I hope all of you are in the holiday spirit and getting to spend time with your loved ones. For all my fellow educator friends, enjoy this awesome snow day, and for those dealing with exams...please be careful getting to your destinations!
Until next time....
Here's to life!
Simply N :)

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