Sunday, January 30, 2011

127 Hours (My Review)

My anticipation for the film "127 Hours" has been building up ever since I saw the first trailer for it on and only accelerated after reading the book. Prior to reading the book, I searched local theaters to only be disappointed when the nearest theater showing the film was in Washington, D.C.. Thus I read the book again with the thought that I'd rent it when it came out on DVD. However, after the Oscar nominations were announced and the film was in the running, I checked the local theaters again and low and behold theaters close-by were finally showing it. Now you have to understand that I have been reading everything I possibly can to find insight regarding this movie because I had such high expectations after reading the book. Reviews were good, Oscar noms., podcasts were interesting, so it couldn't be bad right?!?
Right!! This movie is fantastic in so many ways, from the acting, to directing, to little details that really drive the movie home. James Franco's portrayal of Aron Ralston's story is convincing and moving. Danny Boyle has done it again with his amazing direction and attention to detail. It really feels like you are inside this canyon with Franco, going through the emotions, stress, pain, and unbelievable task amputating your arm. According to articles that I had read, some people had fainted when this scene occurs. Maybe it's because I've grown up gutting deer, but this scene I felt, was incredible and I didn't feel faint at all. I found myself wanting to cheer him on!
Not only is the movie itself entertaining, but watching and listening to peoples' reactions during parts of the movie where equally as entertaining. For example, during the scene where Ralston (Franco) drinks his urine after running out of water, he begins to cough. The amount of people that were gagging and coughing at this amazed me and I started cracking up. Talk about looks. I also found it amusing at the amount of people that started to close their eyes 10 minutes after his arm gets stuck by the boulder and he removes the pocket knife from his backpack. Seriously people, the title is called 127 hours, he's not going to cut his arm off the first 10 minutes he's trapped.
It's a great movie, great acting, directing, I would recommend you people out there in blog land to go see it. It's definitely worth paying the money to see in a theater. So check it out, and then read the book, or read the book and see the movie. Either way you won't be disappointed!

So here's to life!
Simply N

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